The Hidden Benefits Of Time Tracking

This Week’s BIG Idea

I recently installed a program called Rize on my computer. This time-tracking productivity tool lets you know how much time you spend on different apps. Rize used AI to categorize those apps into entertainment, writing, or search, for example. I’ve never been a big fan of time-tracking apps but they’re a convenient way to look at how you use your devices. There’s a gap between how you think you use your devices and how you actually use them. Whenever I encourage someone to look at their Digital Wellbeing stats (this is an Android app that gives you information about how much time you use your phone), people are baffled. We have a tendency to underestimate how much we use our devices and since I spend most of my time using my Windows computer, Rize helps me with this.

Since I just installed it yesterday, I don’t have a lot to share at the moment. The idea is to gather information over time and to reveal the results. Am I as productive as I think I am? How do I really spend my time when I’m using my computer? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

What I’m Working on

I finally decided to take copywriting more seriously. Although I know this is one of those important areas, I’ve been neglecting it for way too long. There are certain aspects to running a website that you can’t ignore. Examples include the business of online writing, marketing, and of course, copywriting. With this in mind, I just picked a book on the topic (Copywriting Secrets) and I’m slowly going over its principles.

What I’m Listening to

Mark Manson Audio Articles: I’m almost done listening to Mark Manson’s articles. I found some of those episodes so fascinating that I starred them on PocketCasts. What PocketCasts does when you add stars to your episodes is create separate categories. Also, it doesn’t delete them when you’re done. This means that not only can I find them quickly, but I can also re-listen to them wherever I go.

What I’m Reading

Clear Thinking by Shane Parrish: In this book, the writer behind Farnam Street tries to teach everything he knows about decision-making. Parrish believes that thinking clearly is the best skill to change one’s personal and professional life trajectory. With this in mind, he offers a simple framework.

What I’m Watching

Long Way Up: I’ve been trying to watch different documentary series for the past few days, but most of them I stopped watching after an episode or two. Long Way Up sounds right up my alley though. In this 11-episode series, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travel from Ushuaia to Los Angeles using prototype Harley Davidson motorcycles. I never watched Long Way Round and Long Way Down. This epic motorcycle adventure is much more fun than I had anticipated.

This Week’s Quote

“There is no point in sabotaging your future self to gratify your present self.”

Jordan Peterson

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