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Hi, I’m Eric

On this website, you’ll be able to read chapter-by-chapter summaries of some of the best non-fiction books ever written. Some of my favorite books are about psychology, philosophy, and self-help. Additionally, I’ve written a series of articles that cover a variety of topics, such as productivity, minimalism, and decision-making.

Why Are My Summaries Worth Your Time?

clock homepage (book summaries)

Short and Concise

Time is your most valuable resource, so I write summaries of non-fiction books where every word counts.

bag of money homepage

Completely Free

Every article and summary on the site is available for free. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees.

bulleted list homepage

Clear and Logical

Some books have complex ideas, so I explain them in simple terms.

Start with These Life-Changing Book Summaries

atomic habits non-fiction book summary
Atomic Habits by James Clear

In Atomic Habits, you’ll learn a framework to build good habits and break bad ones.

essentialism non-fiction book summary
Essentialism by Greg McKeown

In Essentialism, you’ll learn to identify what’s essential and eliminate everything that isn’t.

ikigai book summary cover
Ikigai by Hector Garcia

In Ikigai, you’ll learn about the Japanese concept that refers to finding your purpose in life.

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